Population Estimates LA & Ward

The latest set of MYEs for England & Wales, published 26 June 2019 are for Mid 2018 and available here

Previous set Mid 2017 here. There was a tweak to methodology but no back-series was produced.

For a series of links to information for 2017 MYEs (Awaiting update for 2018 MYEs) and tools on how to analyse the data for your area, see the following which was complied by ONS and I have added an extra link that may also be of use Population quality links ONS Nov 2018

ONS published revised 2012 to 2016 Mid Year Estimates on .  These will be used in the 2016 based SNPPs due out in May, 2018. You can find the tables here.

ONS previously released 2016 Based Mid Year Estimates on 22nd June, 2017.  You can find the detailed tables here.

For an analysis of the 2015 Based MYEs vs. 2015 figures from the 2014 based Sub-national population projections, download this 2015 MYEs vs 2014 based SNPPs for 2015 (England LAs only)

If your Wards have changed, ONS will start publishing Ward level Population Estimates (and other statistics including Births and Deaths)  in the year following introduction. So if your Wards came into effect in May 2018, then ONS will publish Ward Population Estimates for Mid 2018 (and Mid 2017) in November 2019.

If you would like Population Estimates for your new Wards for Mid 2017 before then, these can be calculated now and I can provide an Access database that will allow you to create your own age groups – it can also be adapted to allow any groups of Output Areas (or parts thereof)  to create bespoke area or communities.

For England & Wales the latest ONS figures, see ONS Small Area Population Estimates Mid 2017 (Published Oct 2018)

Also available, Mid 2017 by MSOA, LSOA and OA

For Scotland NRS figures MYEs for 2018 (Published in April, 2019)
Also for NRS Data Zones Mid 2018 (Published Nov 2018)
Also for Scotland, Mid-2017 Population Estimates for Settlements and Localities in Scotland (Published June, 2018)

For Northern Ireland figures, 2018 MYEs are available here
With Small Areas & Neighbourhoods Mid 2017  (Published Nov 2018)

ONS have recently consulted on the possibility of ceasing to produce Ward level population estimates – Local Authorities have sent a strong message to ONS that these data are vital.