ONS Census Transformation

ONS are working on new analyses and new data sources to try and provide Census type statistics. An important part of demonstrating the feasibility of an Administrative Data Census is by successfully producing a full range of census-type statistics. To do this, ONS are publishing Research Outputs each year, inviting users to provide ONS with feedback on the statistics and methods.  This is currently merging into work on the transformation of the population and migration statistics system.

May 2020 – Overview Census Transformation Population & Migration

February 2020 – Latest update on ONS’ population and migration statistics transformation journey.

January 2020 – Annual Assessment on ONS’ progress towards their aims to transform our statistical system to provide the best insights on population, migration and society using a range of new and existing data sources to meet the needs of their users.

November 2019
Overview on the Transformation of Population and Migration Statistics
Progress on the Population and migration statistics transformation journey.
ONS published Research Output: Subnational dwelling stock by tenure estimates, England: 2012 to 2018

March 2019 ONS held a series of Roadshows to update us on progress with the topics, form lay out, on-line filling in and on using administrative data for population estimates.  Once the papers from the meetings come out, I will add them here. Contact: neil.townsend@ons.gov.uk

January 2019
Report updating our users on our population and migration statistics transformation journey, and seeking feedback on our future plans.

Office for National Statistics roadshows – our transformation agenda and the 2021 Census. 

March 2019 – Roadshow venues and dates

Bristol Tuesday 12 March 2019
Leeds Tuesday 19 March 2019
Nottingham Wednesday 20 March 2019
Wrexham Thursday 21 March 2019
London Wednesday 27 March 2019

All the roadshows will take place between 10am and 3pm on the days shown.  You can book your place via the Eventbrite link here. 

Latest research outputs from March 2018 include:

Labour Market Status

Household Statistics

Internal Migration Estimates

Exploring two estimation approaches used to produce administrative data population estimates for 2011

General information about the Project see Admin Data Research Unit  for the main landing page for data and developments

Research Outputs

2017 Census Test

Admin Data Census Project


News & Events

ONS Integrated data – Combining data to answer society’s biggest questionsThis conference will take place at the University of Surrey on Monday 9 July and Tuesday 10 July and follows on from their successful 2016 research conference (Transforming the census- to 2021 and beyond).

ONS Census Transformation Conference. University of Winchester. 28th & 29th June, 2016. Progress and plans for the 2021 Census and Beyond.  Slides are available here. ONS Census Transformation.  They have recently released estimates of occupied households using five different sources…see here and their Annual Update (2017) is available here.  I understand there will be another conference update in July 2018.