Deaths, Mortality and Life Expectancy

Local Authority level deaths:

Ward level deaths:

  • England & Wales – Ad Hoc Request – 2001 to 2018 Ward Deaths
  • England & Wales – Ad Hoc Request – 2017 Ward Deaths
  • England & Wales – Ad Hoc Request – 2015 & 2016 Ward Deaths
  • England – ad Hoc Request – 2000 to 2017 Ward Deaths
  • Deaths by Ward were available on Table VS4 which gives deaths by gender and broad age group
    VSOB were considering whether to cease production of these data – if you use them, please contact asap, along with how you use them. 
  • Table VS4D shows the top 10 causes of death (No age breakdown given) – contact
    Ditto above.

If your Wards have changed and you would like help recalculating your Wards Mortality rates, please get in touch.

Lower Super Output Area level deaths: Ad hoc requests

Clinical Commissioning Group Area

Output Area level:

These are now available after User requests to ONS.

Life Expectancy can be calculated from Local Authority level deaths by age and ONS survival rates (E&W Qx, Scotland Qx, Northern Ireland Qx).
ONS publish rates for Local Authorities for the latest three years (averaged) which can be found here:
ONS Life Expectancy 2015-17 – Local Authority Level – UK
ONS Life Expectancy 2013-15 – Local Authority Level – UK
NRS 2016-2018 Administrative Areas within Scotland 

Healthy Life Expectancy for Local Authorities for the latest three years (averaged) can be found here:
NRS: Scottish Areas Healthy Life Expectancy by Age Band and Sex 2015-2017
ONS Healthy Life Expectancy 2015-17 – Local Authorities – UK
ONS Healthy Life Expectancy 2013-15 – Local Authorities – UK

ONS published some experimental statistics for Wards but these haven’t been updated since 2006 ONS Ward Life Expectancy 1999-2003