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What it is:

This service, which started in February 2016, aims to provide flexible demographic support and analysis directly to the public sector at a reasonable hourly rate.  If you need help getting started or not sure what the latest available data is – or where to find it, if you have lost expertise through recent cuts or just don’t have the time then please get in touch.  If you need support on any of the following…

  • Population estimates for your new Wards or elector projections for new Ward proposals
  • Detailed analysis on migration, fertility, mortality to help explain recent demographic trends
  • Advice and guidance on using administrative data and sharing data between departments
  • Scenario planning and modelling for Projections – Population, Household, Jobs, Pupil Places
  • Methodology appraisal or need a second opinion
  • or struggle to keep track of ONS publications or where to find data on their web-site

… then this service will provide a quick response, subject to availability, with the aim of improving the understanding and use of demographic data for better decision and policy making.

How it works:

  1. I intend to provide an up-to-date (as far as possible) resource of demographic links, publications and events to keep you informed and prepared. There is no charge for this for public sector organisations – see  Links, Glossary, Events & Consultations page.
  2. For advice or to commission work contact me by email: piers.elias@demographicsupport.co.uk or ring: 01947-840708 
  3. Public Sector Rates: From 6th April, 2020 £50 per hour – no VAT – on-site visits by arrangement, same rates but travel expenses extra. Non-public sector rates £75 per hour – no VAT.
  4. Feed-back always welcome on web-sites and sources you have found useful, which I can then share.

Who I am:

My name is Piers Elias. I worked in Local Government for over 20 years in the Tees Valley (NE England) sourcing, analysing and reporting on demographic data to service the planning needs of Education, Electoral Reviews, Housing & Planning, Social Services, Public Health and latterly the Local Enterprise Partnership. I was co-chair of the Population Liaison group (CLIP) for 10 years and have recently re-joined as an independent advisor. I am well versed in ONS methodology.  I have just completed two years as President of the British Society for Population Studies BSPS (we would like more public sector members, so please think about joining  if you are not a member – link here).

For further information, please contact  piers.elias@demographicsupport.co.uk at any time or ring 01947-840708 Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm.  A copy of my CV with recent and current work is available here CV_Piers_Elias

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